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Keep it g by wwc:


Wwc was founded in 2012 its 2014 and were still here hi I’m yungfamous and I’m CEO/founder of #wwcfam worldwidecollaboration and we have ppl all over the world join us each day it doesn’t matter if you have your own team or movement or if your in one its much more then a team or movement  because we are a worldwide family and everyone is aloud to join us all over the world we keep on growing everyday we are here to help each other how ever we can with music and with what ever and how ever we can help each other join us and help make the world a better place because we are here for real change this is what we are about changing the world together threw talents treat each other the way you wanna be treated stop the bullies make the world a better cause live a better life join us today

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YBDB-Half Voice Freestyle (Music Video):

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