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My name is Corey (Kid Reign) and my music is inspired by my reactions to situations that I face in life. Im empathetic and insightful and sometimes emotional. I keep my songs up to date with time and I may add past emotions to what I write. I started practicing writing rhymes when I heard Cross Roads by Bone Thugs in Harmony. I also practiced melodies while I sung in the choir. I developed my perspective while reading the Bible. I learned to write 3 verse songs and hooks while paraphrasing others lyrics into my own words which later developed into my own style of expression.

My presentation was influenced by the Cash Money Millionaires and Hot Boys as well as Randy Save including Hulk Hogan.

Much of my time was spent learning about by myself and skill building. I grew up with 2 sibling, my grandmother and mother. My family allowed me to go outside and play with my close friends, cousins and brother. We made our own rap group and songs. Much of our time was spent playing football and basketball from Elementary up to our sophmore year in college.

A lot the pressure that can be felt within my music me avoiding the peer pressure in which people fall victim to on a daily basis. People fall victim to drugs, self doubt, poverty, criminal lifestyles etc due to peer pressure. There was a point where I would slip up in high school due to the pressures that I would deal with at home. My mom would bring a lot of stress home from 2 to 3 jobs due to being a single parent but my grandmother would help support while i stayed with her until my mother picked me and my brother up from my grandmothers after being fed and entertained with games and jokes along with my sister and friends.
I was an A student throughout elementary to high school.

Lansing School District was full of drugs and gang violence so eventually my mother moved to a school district not as bad with drugs but was racists. Its known as Holt School District. Both districts are in Michigan. A lot of my family has fallen victim to criminal lifestyles but they’ve pressured me to stick with my talents and education as well as my businesses along with my brother Dionte (Da Baker). I’m graduating from Miles College with a Social Behaviorial Science degree during 2017.





Popular Videos – Kid Reign (feat. Gudda Boi Classics) youtube

Popular Videos – Gudda Boi Classics youtube

glytch da rip

 windex I am a Rap/Hip-Hop artist from the Chicago-land area. Some people relate my music to more of a Psychodrama, Common maybeeven Twista or Do Or Die. The influences I do have are Lupe Fiasco, the late William Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse) and Tupac Shakur. I like to cover all angles of rap music. My goal is to take you on a journey through 2 sides of me. The “GLYTCH” is based on “order” and “Da RIP” is based on “chaos”. My earlier works consist of me “glytching” the system. Now, I am at a current state of “AGGRESSION” and I want to bring you along that journey with soundcloud
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Although the Detroit area has provided the industry with some of the hottest music of all-time, this native to the suburbs is putting Ypsilanti on the map. With sounds compared to Lil Wayne and Drake, James Wright known by his stage name J.O. Hardworker, will undoubtedly take his place as a household name. This gifted and significant artist has a sound that most people naturally gravitate to.

Being exposed to music at a young age, whether in church, school, or band class, in combination with his love for attention due to being a decorated honor student early in life, laid the foundation for his musical background. Always thinking outside the box, J.O. Hardworker spent most of his teen years fine-tuning and polishing his talent before taking a leap of faith towards his passion in his 20’s.

Accelerating quickly, J.O. Hardworker has released many projects in the streets and on the internet. He is a huge supporter of other upcoming artists and can be heard featuring on over 50 music tracks independent from his own mixtape releases.

The first project in 2009 bears a significant title, ‘The Blue Collar Worker’. This title captures the essence of who he is, why he chose his name, and where his mission began. J.O. Hardworker explains it like this, “I represent blue collar workers because hard work pays off. I always keep going and vowed to myself that I would never give up.” His statement was proven true when back to back projects were released the following 3 years in a row; ‘I’m On My Way (2011), ‘Moneygram’ (2012), and ‘Cause-N-Effect’ (2013).

After first performing professionally around 2005, J.O. Hardworker has entertained in well over 150 shows from 2007 until now. He has headlined and sidelined at many popular local venues including The Zoo Bar, The Blind Pig, and the infamous Saint Andrew’s Hall. His ever-increasing audience is no surprise because a live show from this astounding performer has the crowd mesmerized from the opening notes. As his music inhabits the stage, he lives out the lyrics right in front of your eyes, making the experience 3-dimensional in a powerful way. This adrenaline boost has landed him gigs amongst Ne-Yo, J.Holiday, and Doughboyz Cashout.

J.O.Hardworker’s distinctive voice, consistent lyrical incisiveness, and overwhelming fanbase has heralded the attention of major record label affiliates such as Maze One of Maybach Music Group and Awesome Mike Saunders of Bricksquad. Both are contributing music tracks to his newest projects; his first album entitled ‘Debut’ scheduled to release later in 2014 and ‘The 734 Project’.

Currently J.O. Hardworker is working with his partners Q. Mizer Most and B.Busta P of Q.Ball Productions, Kenneth Frasier “D.J. Clout” as the official ‘HardWorkNation’ D.J. and Louis C. “American King” as the first artist on building and developing ‘HARDWORK NATION’, a recognized name soon to be well known.

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Zero Vendetta (born Jerry Ramirez) is a hip hop artist & producer from Oxnard CA and is the Chairman Of The Board at Str8 Blazed Ent. Single father of 3 boys and working full time, he decided after almost over a decade to pursue his passion for hip hop and saved up enough money to build a recording studio in his home to make his aspirations a reality. Since then hes released 3 albums with his most recent album titled “Next Time Never Came” and has performed at many events in the southern California area.

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CEO/Founder of New Mula is Nicholas Poe. New Mula is the hottest growing label for the underground. They deal with all generas of music not just Hip-Hop/Rap. They work with some different entertainment companys and magazines, dj’s, radio stations to get ur music heard by the “Big” people in the industry. Affiliated with Lil Wayne and Young Money. For inquirers Artists/Models/Marijuana Enthusiasts/Hustlers/Graphic Designers/Webpage Designers/Entrepreneurs/Entertainment Companies/Magazines or just fans contact Nicholas Poe @
New Mula is accepting more artists for the label. Contact Nicholas Poe @ for consideration. Newmula website and Newmula shop
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Seiki Green

SeikI Green was born on December 7, 1990 in Fort Worth Texas. He started doing music at the young age of 15. Participating in a variety of talent shows in local areas he is showing the world that he is serious and ready to further his career. Finishing High school a year early in 2008 has given him a great opportunity to start his career early. He has had appearances on Dance Club 21 and American Mall Model Search. Starting Broadcasting school in 2014 has open up many doors for him assisting him to further reach his goals. Which he completed school in 2015, he is now ready to go to the next level. In 2014 he also collaborated with Baby Eazy E the son of Eazy E the Godfather of Hip Hop. Seiki can be found on various social networks such as facebook as SeikI and SeikI Green.

SeikI says “Pushing myself beyond my limits so I can become a legend is my dream”

Some of Seikis musical influences are: Andre 3000, Childish Gambino, Jaden Smith, Drake, Ugk, Jay-Z, Nas, Chance tha rapper, Asher Roth and Charles Hamilton and many more.


Lil David Denver Roe

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